Maths Club That Helps Your Children

Explore Their True Potential

Right Angle Maths Club Uses Fun Maths Activities to Help Upper Primary Students Develop Critical Thinking and Communication Skills, So They Can Explore Their True Potential — In Maths and in Life

Which Best Describes Your Child?

Galaxy Maths Coorparoo


My child is keen for more of a challenge and to explore all that maths offers.

Advanced students will be seriously challenged in critical thinking and problem-solving – the foundation for coding, robotics, engineering and more. And of course, have loads of fun along the way.

Space Station Maths Coorparoo


My child wants to solidify the core STEM skills that lead to better grades and greater adventures in maths.

This is the gateway to a career in 21st century industries. And the perfect way to grow in critical thinking, communication, and confidence.

Launchpad Maths Coorparoo


My child is experiencing some false starts and negative feelings about maths

This is a non-threatening way to improve in confidence in maths problem-solving and realise that maths can actually be fun.

One hour sessions occur in groups with a maximum of six students per session. Learning sessions take student differences into account, so all can learn and grow in a fun and secure environment.

A Whole New World of Maths (and Human Potential)

Maths is so much more than mere adding and subtracting. It’s all around us. In the shapes, angles, and patterns that make up our world.

Maths gives us a way to classify things (a four-sided shape is a rectangle).
Quantify things (this recipe requires 3 eggs, 500g flour, and 200ml of milk). And describe how things are arranged (the moon is closer to the earth than the sun).

Maths is so much more than mere adding and subtracting. It’s all around us. In the shapes, angles, and patterns that make up our world.

Maths is in…

The art we see

Maths Is Art

The music we hear

Maths Is Music

The food we taste, touch & smell

Maths Is Shapes

How We Help Your Children
Explore Their True Potential

Yes, Right Angle Maths Club helps upper primary aged children solidify core STEM skills that often leads to improved grades. 

But even more — we help your children explore the wonder of maths all around them. And develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem-solving that are increasingly needed in high school maths (20% of ATAR Maths marks are based on problem-solving), and so important in 21st century professions…and all of life. 

Unlike traditional curriculum that teaches children how to ‘do’ maths, we teach your children how to think like Mathematicians. Our practical problem-solving activities give your children… 

The confidence to tackle difficult problems

The ability to identify and understand the core of the problem

The skills to use logic and reason to analyse options

The perseverance to stick with it even when it seems tough

The satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from finding the right solution

And the pathway to help them reach their true potential – in maths and in life

Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun! 

Coorparoo Maths Club

Register a no-obligation trial session and see if Maths Club is right for your children.

How Does Maths Club Work?

Maths Club runs for 60 minutes, once a week, for five-week unit blocks, during term time (There are two unit blocks available per term.)  Sessions are limited to 6 children to maximise active (fun) participation and enable lots of individual attention to ensure every child is mentally stretched. Each session includes: 

Fun games that teach and solidify core STEM maths skills leading to improved abilities in problem-solving, critical thinking and communication.

Group activities that build skills in collaboration and communication – helping children to articulate ideas, listen with understanding, analyse options, and make joint decisions

Problem-solving exercises that improve comprehension, critical thinking and creativity – foundational skills for 21st century careers

Tailored guidance to ensure your children see real improvement (which grows engagement in all subject areas, and builds confidence for life)

What Mums and Dads Say

Here’s how some parents say about how Right Angle Maths Club has helped their child grow in their maths skills.


Students in Grade 5 or Grade 6 are welcome to come to Right Angle Maths Club. Classes will not separate out the students into their grade levels, but mix Grade 5 and Grade 6 students in together. Students of this age are able to engage in abstract thinking tasks and the sessions are planned so there is no disadvantage for younger students.

Fun way to encourage critical thinking

Sharon says:

The activities Nicola provides are ideal for encouraging critical thinking. As a teacher myself, I know how hard it can be to find fun ways of doing this, and I think Nicola has succeeded!! The children were encouraged to think outside of the box, to go beyond basic facts. Working together with other children also helps them to learn different skills and approaches from each other. Not only do the activities encourage the children to problem solve and think critically, but they are fun to do as well.

Children learn as a supportive team and grow in confidence

Katrina says:

I just loved seeing my daughter’s eyes light up when she came out of Maths Club. The difference was huge, instead of immediately thinking she couldn’t do it she enjoyed the team aspect and felt more confident knowing they could discuss and there was no judgement. It was all about supporting each other.

Appeals to all levels of ability; fun and varied activities

Ruth says:

These activities are fun and varied. They present real life problems which are relevant and can be done individually as well as in groups. It gives them better understanding of “literacy approached” questions the strengthens English skills. It would appeal to all levels of ability.

Shows that maths understanding is relevant beyond the classroom

Wendy says:

Students can see how their math understanding can be used to figure out answers in different ways. They can also see how math understanding is relevant beyond the classroom.

It helps students improve their critical thinking skills because it is useful for students to see there are multiple ways. There questions are not just straight forward questions. There are options. They have to think beyond the box. If they can think critically with math, they can apply the skill to other subjects.

As the child has to think critically to answer the question, they have to question their own reasoning and as they begin to figure out what the question wants, they also improve their communication skills as they explain to another how they arrived at their answer.

Leads to improved communication skills which helps with other subjects

Andrew says:

Maths Club helps my son’s understanding of maths because it helps him realise Maths is more than just numbers and the importance of deconstructing the key vocab. in a question. It improves his ability to think about how he solves a problem and breaking it down. Communication skills are improved by thinking out loud, explaining and justifying answers. He can transfer deconstruction, analysis, reasoning to other language subjects.

How Is Right Angle Maths Club Special?

Active Learning that’s Loads of Fun

Most classroom maths is taught by having students listen and copy. Our sessions take a hands-on approach that empowers students to be active learners of maths as opposed to passive recipients of information. It’s a much more fun way to learn!

Practical For Better Grades and Deep Understanding

Most programs focus only on core maths principles. We go a step further by helping children to apply knowledge through fun problem-solving and critical thinking activities. We look at the ‘how’ the ‘why’ so that children don’t merely remember, they understand.

Not Just Right Answers but Right Processes

We don’t give students the answers. We encourage them to form their own ‘theory’ and then we guide them with probing questions to help them come to the right answers themselves. This way they learn thinking processes that they can use to solve any problem.

Right Answers From Understanding the Problem

Research shows that 50% of errors occur before students even do the maths, because they get lost in the wording of the question. So we teach students how to read, interpret and understand problems. These comprehension skills help with other subjects.

Celebrate and Teach Through Mistakes

Unlike a busy classroom with no time to fully explore mistakes individually, we give kids the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. In fact, we value mistakes. Because that’s where real learning happens and the brain grows new, lasting connections.

Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

Sessions are limited to 6 children to maximise active participation and enable us to tailor activities and guidance to meet your child’s current needs and future goals.

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